Who we are

Who is San Marco Group?

San Marco Group is market leader in Italy for the production and distribution of paints and varnishes for the professional building sector.

With a portfolio of 7 strong and well-balanced proprietary brands, with the far-sighted vision of the Geremia family over 80 years of history, the Group has evolved to become a benchmark company both at a national and international level.

With our ongoing investments in production and Research & Development, and strategic choices in acquisitions, the San Marco Group has developed a full range of paints and solutions for the building industry to meet all the market’s needs.

All products are designed in the Italian R&D center, while production is divided between Italy, Bosnia and Russia, with a total of 7 production plants that produce for all the Group’s brands.

Each brand has a precise role and positioning, and the Group enhances its peculiarities by reducing overlaps, exploiting synergies and economies of range, enabling therefore a widespread diffusion of the brands in Italy and abroad.

1. Mission

The San Marco Group is a dynamic company committed day-by-day to positioning itself as Italy’s leading industrial wall-coverings provider for the professional building sector in terms of market share, product quality and territorial coverage.

The Group sets out to develop innovative products that are both technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. We aim to consolidate relations with Italian and international customers by offering qualified professional services, and are committed to acting as an important reference for our employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders involved, in terms of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Through our work, San Marco Group aspires to promoting the culture of restoration building and the value of Italian quality as a worldwide brand; and to creating every day a more beautiful and sustainable world, the best possible balance between the aesthetics of places and objects, people’s well-being, respect for the environment, ethics and full transparency towards all partners and employees.

The desire for excellence that distinguishes every single member of the San Marco Group is reflected in the final product, the result of a continuous evolution born from the mix of passion, creativity, innovative ability, and typically-Italian flair.

The Group is increasingly targeting international markets with specific products, strategic partnerships, and an expanding network of collaborators.
Of key importance to the Group is maintaining and strengthening its position in the markets where we operate, and to identify new expansion opportunities in emerging markets, which has always been a key objective in our long-term growth strategy.

At San Marco Group, we work every day to create a more beautiful and sustainable world.
People are our strength. Having always invested in developing talent and professional skills, we can rely on a closely-knit and motivated team that has led us to be a leader in Italy in the sector of paint systems for professional construction.
We develop innovative, technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly products, fully aware of our economic, social and environmental responsibilities, which we feel to be even greater at this time.
With pride and satisfaction we continue to look ahead with confidence to continue to promote the value of Italian-made products and the culture of building and restoration in the world.

2. Business Model

The Group’s success lies in its successful business model built over time thanks to the far-sighted vision of the Geremia family.

The current structure has been consolidated over the last five years, bringing further benefits and fully integrating all phases of the San Marco Group value chain. The control over the entire production chain and the forward-looking expansion of distribution towards foreign markets, have proved crucial to reaching advanced digital structure of today’s marketplace.
Through such innovation, San Marco Group is a trendsetter in a sector still tied to traditional business models and often out of step with the times.

Its precise logistical organisation allows the San Marco Group to position its products on the main markets while our comprehensive network of Partners enables us to constantly keep a close eye on trends in individual countries, and to monitor consumer tastes and trends in different geographical areas.

3. Innovation

“Innovating to grow”
Imagining and creating new solutions, aiming at continuous improvement is the true vocation of San Marco Group – a positive quality passed on to every single Brand in our portfolio.

“The future depends on what we achieve today”
This thinking continuously spurs the San Marco Group to research new materials, develop technologically-advanced products, integrate cutting-edge production models, and to implement on- and off-line distribution channels. A comprehensive philosophy that permeates every aspect of the Group.

4. Ethics

San Marco Group is concretely committed to ethics through a system of regulations, codes, policies and practices that reflect the most advanced international standards. Ethics, respect for people and the environment have always been fundamental and essential aspects for all of the Group’s staff.

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The headquarters

The headquarters are located in Marcon, Venice, in a strategic position of North Eastern Italy and occupy a total area of 78,000 square meters. It hosts the offices of the Group with all the central functions, Training Centers dedicated to educational training as well as Research and Development to ensure the innovability of the Group.

The complex was built using the latest construction criteria and technology, including a photovoltaic system, in keeping with the company’s sustainable development philosophy.