Me - We: people are our strength

«Attention to people is one of the foundations on which we have built our success. In our over eighty-year history, San Marco Group has evolved to become a leading company in the professional building paints and varnishes sector.»
Dott. Federico Geremia.

People are the strength of the company and it is in people that the company invests to develop talent and professionalism, and to create a united and motivated team.

We love the world

People are the ones who make the success of San Marco Group possible. It is a mix of creativity, commitment and professionalism that creates a close-knit, motivated team. The team is also the result of an investment policy by the group aimed at improving and bringing out professional qualities, without underestimating well-being as well as the personal sphere.

The Group is currently expanding in terms of hirings (+4% on 2018), with a female percentage at around 22%, up 8% on 2018, among both the blue- and white-collar employee categories. Sustainability also translates into continuous training, which is functional to correctly fulfilling one’s role, and with the aim of broadening one’s horizons to be of support and inspiration to colleagues and the company.

For the San Marco Group, welfare is certainly a motive for pride in terms of sustainability, and exemplifies the centrality of workers’ welfare for the company. Having started in 2013, the offering of structured services provides best-practice support of the personnel and their families.
The growth of the company’s welfare system was further enhanced in the context of the SME Welfare index, by achieving the highest available “Welfare Champion” rating in 2019.

The Group is committed to respectfully and sustainably preserving the resources our planet provides. The Group constantly monitors and manages the environmental effects of our work and value chain. As its primary objective, it also has the continuous improvement of its environmental efficiency.

With the aim of defining the environmental impact of its R&D products, it provides a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to examine in depth all aspects related to the supply chain, distribution and use of products. This study led the company to define the scope of the “ECO-Design” project, which brings together all the techniques that make it possible to reduce environmental impact.
ECO-Design refers to the selection of raw materials, bio-masses, and packaging with the adoption – already in 2012 – of post-recycled plastic packaging, with an 87% increase in 2019 and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 1500 tonnes.

The San Marco Group’s operations do not require large amounts of energy. Nevertheless, the level of commitment and control is high, also involving the installation of a photovoltaic system.
Particular attention is also given to the emission of carbon dioxide and harmful substances. The group’s production mainly consists of water-based products, which means that the main emissions are inert dust, which is contained by suction and dust-abatement systems.

Of importance also is the management of water, which is one of the main raw materials (50% of total raw material requirements) and which is constantly monitored to avoid waste and losses in the production cycle. All water is taken only from the public mains water supply.
From the circular economy viewpoint, waste management and its minimisation are becoming priority commitments in order to reduce environmental-waste systems.