Research and Development

Product development

The idea of developing new products for the Group’s various Brands was born from the constant analysis of the market and emerging trends, and is progressively shaped by an ongoing and constructive dialogue within the Group.

Over the years, the Research and Development department – a fundamental Group operating arm – has been supplemented with new resources, skills and instruments and is now a key corporate asset.

The research group, where senior chemists are supported by capable and highly motivated young people, is located in three Italian sites and operates in numerous sectors dedicated to wall-covering solutions. The study works take in enamels and coatings, decorative systems and paints for floors, products for exterior walls, cladding and thermal insulation systems; they are carried out in compliance with certification processes, regulatory constraints and environmental sustainability. It is precisely the core value of the research team that has allowed the Group to evolve its approach to product innovation, from the study of individual independent solutions to the development of fully-fledged systems, sets of products or elements, connected with each other and with the external environment through mutual functional relationships, all acting cohesively.

The process of creating new products follows two main paths: the development of new products in the catalogue, and the development of products or systems “on demand” to meet specific needs from all over the world. In the first case, the input factors, which are worked out by the Marketing and Sales Departments, aim to create products/systems with a broad market application; in the second case, development is done considering the specific characteristics of where the request comes from; here, the aim is to create products/systems with a regional or local distribution.
The entire process of creating new products is done in fullest respect for EU regulations and the environment.

This last issue, of environmental protection, has always been a strategic factor for the Group. Innovation and constant investment to improve operations and processes make the entire value chain increasingly sustainable in terms of water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the production and recycling of waste and refuse.