Production and Logistics


The San Marco Group’s production system consists of 5 production units in Italy and 2 specialised factories in Bosnia and Russia. Over the years, the Group has implemented the improvement of its production processes, assigning all factories specific roles and equipping them with the best technologies to ensure the highest quality output at all times.


Standardised processes found in all Italian and foreign production sites ensure continuity and constant performance quality.

Automation and Control

Strictly controlled raw materials are introduced into the production flow through automated and integrated systems that deliver speed and repeatability of execution.


The use of production units with different output capacities makes it possible to satisfy customer needs also during high seasonal demand fluctuations.


The training of staff in the production and logistics departments is continuous, and diversified according to the respective tasks and processes.

The San Marco Group operates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality control, focusing on customer satisfaction, optimising company processes, the efficiency of the production system, and a responsible approach to sustainability.